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Clogees Womens Eliza Waterproof Garden Clog


Discover the joy of comfort and style in our vibrant range of women’s garden clogs. Clogees Garden Clogs offer a burst of colours, lightweight comfort, and the perfect blend of fashion and function, whether you’re tending to your garden, exploring the outdoors, or simply enjoying nature.

Experience the cushioned support of our EVA lightweight footbed and outsole as you embrace each step.

  • Incredibly light and vibrant for all garden endeavours
  • Water-friendly and buoyant, making gardening a breeze
  • Ventilation ports for breathability and debris management
  • Effortless to clean, quick to dry, ready for more garden fun
  • Pivoting heel straps for a secure fit, accommodating every stride
  • Signature Clogees Comfort: Light. Flexible. Garden beauty with every step.

CARE: Loving Your Clogees is a Breeze. To keep their charm intact, avoid exposing your Clogees to excessive heat or direct sunlight. Skip the sizzling-hot car, it's not their thing. Give your classic Clogees some TLC by gently hand washing them with cold water and a mild soap. Your Clogees will thank you!